Monday, 15 March 2010

Just Hang On To What You've Got

Ms Humphreys has still not dropped the placenta. We have been up the past two nights giving injections and we are not fit for anything. She, meanwhile is still being an absolutely brilliant mum and her son is thriving. We have been really grateful for the warm, dry weather as we have been keeping her in our sights in case anything comes out.

We have been giving her hormone injections every 6 hours which means she has been having contractions in the hope that she would deliver the placenta. Counting Thursday when she seemed to be in discomfort prior to having her cria she has now been suffering contractions for five days. The vet has been in every day to examine her.

Yesterday the placenta was still in place with no signs of it moving but today it had started to putrify and is coming away in pieces. I found small bits this morning at 6am in the poo pile and have been over there every hour to check what is coming out. She has been so compliant when we have had to inject her, which isn't like her at all; I want her back to her normal stroppy self. She has also been having antibiotics and painkillers but after seeing her today and hearing about how worried I was about her being in pain for so long the vet has cut her injections down to once a day until Thursday when he will call again. This means that she will have contractions for about 6 hours each day while the painkiller will be working and then a rest until the next day when it will start again. This should be a lot less stressful for her and should ensure that her milk supply stays plentiful.

The good news is that he thinks that she will be fine and a scan on Thursday should confirm this but she will then have a further course of antibiotics once she is cleaned out. He is also going to scan Mimi who absorbed her pregnancy early in 2009 and hasn't been able to hold a pregnancy since despite being mated five times after antibiotics and flush. When I said that she was a little slut and tries to get through the fence to any males he said that it could mean that she has a cyst which can be healed quite easily with drugs.

Hope this isn't rambling too much but we are so tired that we are going to bed to get an early start on Ms Humphreys meds again.

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  1. You must all be shattered but we are glad things are looking positive. I don't like to ask but, when is the next one due?!!