Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hitchin' A Ride

Why walk when I can get a lift

Tilly has had a busy day. The weather has been really cold but sunny and we have been doing loads of chores outside again. The swimming pool that Si built has finally been drained and we are still waiting to find out when the contractors can get here. They are so far behind on their work because of the appalling weather we had prior to this dry spell which looks like it is due to go on for at least another week. The moat around the park home has now been filled with stones to make a path and we are busy spreading the soil that had been dug out for it around what will eventually be our garden and orchard.

The battery has been recharged on the mower so that we can start to trim the grass in the next couple of weeks, our grass has been growing for a couple of weeks now but, unfortunately, so have the docks. As soon as the leaves are large enough to spray we will be attacking them with the weedkiller. We also have to tackle the buttercups that seem to have spread everywhere but they can't be sprayed until they are in flower.

We have changed our minds about where the final fences are going for the last three paddocks but that isn't to say that this is the final decision. If the fencing contractor can get here soon it will put an end to the discussions about them because once the fence is in place we will just have to live with it.

Tilly has been asleep on the sofa for the past few hours as she has had a really busy day helping to put the hay in the bags, hanging out washing and even helping to dig a channel to drain the swimming pool. Even she refuses to help with the paddock cleaning but isn't averse to rolling in the poo pile.


  1. It sounds like you have been very busy - looking forward to seeing it all!

  2. A girl has to ride in style...why walk..just gets your hair wet !...does she have any wellies !!...Jayne

  3. Not yet Jayne but she's probably working on it.