Thursday, 15 October 2009

Where are the BeeGees?

We went out in the new car today. What a disappointment. When I was told it was a disco I expected mirror balls, strobe lighting and the BeeGees sitting on the back seat. It's a Discovery; I feel as though I have spent all day in it. We went across to Weymouth this morning and then into Axminster on the way back to renew our library books. We landed home for a short while to collect Ollie and then on to Taunton to collect OD from train.

Laura must be impressed with the park home because once she found out that her lecture has been cancelled for next Thursday she decided to extend her stay until the weekend and promptly announced it on her Facebook page so it is 'official'.

The new hay must be particularly sweet because it is proving very popular with all the alpacas. We still have loads of grass left but they are preferring the hay at the moment and are all sitting round the hay bags or coming across for a mouthful and walking away. It's like a branch of McDonalds. They'll be asking for toys with their Happy Meals soon.

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