Saturday, 24 October 2009

Weather Obsession

OD went home today and I think I was missing her before she even got back to Liverpool although she did text en route to say that she had just gone through Bournville Station and the train didn't even stop. We're both chocoholics. It's definitely a lot quieter around here without her.

We got back from Taunton to a horribly windy and wet farm. Its funny how the weather has become an obsession in planning work around here, we've even got a weather website in our favourites on the computer. I only used to worry about my hair if the weather was bad and that would mean phoning a taxi to go less than a quarter of a mile instead of walking. How life changes.

The animals were a bit be-draggled and because Ms Humphreys fleece was hanging flat we noticed how fat she was looking. How do we put an alpaca on a diet? It is still warm here most of the time so the grass is still growing. As she is always first to us when she sees the feed bucket we have to raise it above our heads and tease her with it while the others get to the troughs first. The others were all fine when Si did the body scoring last week. She is always first at everything. When the rain starts she runs like mad for the field shelters and then decided who she will let in.

Our goats our really enjoying their new red mineral licks. We haven't actually seen them using them but the fact that they have bright red faces shows that they are licking them when we're not looking, such messy eaters. Maybe they're the goat equivalent of lollipops.

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