Friday, 16 October 2009

Mother and Daughter Bonding

Today we moved all the girls and their babies into a new paddock. The grass is still growing here, albeit a lot slower than a few months ago so we decided to move them to see if we can get the grass longer in the paddock nearer to the park home. I would prefer them to be closer to us through the winter months when the weather is really bad. It sounded easy moving them until we realised that the paddock we wanted to use has three gateways but no gates on them so we had to carry the gates across first.

Laura and I went out paddock cleaning again when the rain had stopped; I told her that she had to search to see if any of them had 'gone' outside the normal area and she laughed and said that this was an unusual form of mother and daughter bonding. She did point out the weather map on tv this evening that the only area of rain was over Devon and the sun was shining up in Liverpool. Whenever she comes down here it rains and she thinks our tans are actually rust.

Phillip (2nd son) arrived back from Liverpool today and we were able to tell him that we had another boy born yesterday; we have decided to call this one Biffy after Biffy Clyro.

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