Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Aah and Complaints about this Blog


Biffy and Proud Mum

We've had a really packed day. After the feeds and checks this morning we had to take Ollie into Exter to catch the coach to Liverpool. He has gone to spend half-term with his friends in Liverpool; the coach driver didn't seem too happy with the amount of luggage he was taking but it did include his guitar. OD and I decided to embarrass him as the coach was packed. As it pulled out of the station we blew kisses and waved at him but the coach driver thought I was blowing kisses at him so I was the one who ended up with the red face as Ollie sank lower and lower in his seat.

After we had got soaked seeing off Ollie we went across to see our new babies at M and M Alpacas. We discussed all things alpaca for a while then checked that Laura hadn't tried to smuggle one of their pigs out under her coat (she is really enamoured with them) and visited a really pretty village pub for lunch. Phillip was off work today so came with us and we took over the largest table in the dining room. We enjoyed good food and great company but I took some stick over this blog. Mark and Mike no longer wish to be known as MGM they would prefer MGB (my gorgeous boys) then OD decided to get in on the act and object to being called OD, she said that it stands for overdose or overdraft. As she is at Uni for the foreseeable future I think it is highly appropriate.

We retired to Poole Farm for coffee and got onto the subject of winter feeds and care of the alpacas, MGB (NB: boys, your wish is my command) then filled the back of the car with fruit and veg for the pigs and checked out the 'Disco'. The car is called gold on the paperwork but we all decided it is really beige so that has aged Si by about 20 years. We then went off to get some mineral lick for the goats and bought loads of treats for our cockatiel. There are now so many toys in her cage that it resembles a creche.

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