Friday, 30 October 2009

The Great Escape

When I went to do the paddock cleaning today I let the girls out by mistake. I went through the top gate after cleaning Merlin's paddock but forgot that it swings wide open as soon as you unlock it. The girls came charging up as soon as they saw me and as I tried to manoeuvre the wheelbarrow through the gateway Chance got past me. When I was trying to coax her back in the others ran past to freedom. I didn't want to stress them too much so got on with cleaning their paddock and left them roaming around with the wethers. I was hoping they would get bored and come back of their own accord but that was wishful thinking, they just wandered farther away. I took the feed bucket across and called out to Mimi, she came running down and the others soon followed, once I'd got them all to the troughs I ran up to the top gate and closed it quickly. They must think I'm stupid because as soon as they finished their feed they ran up to the top again to see if I'd left the gate open.

I was feeling really pleased with myself until I checked out Rob's Blog on Wellground's website. They have some absolutely stunning items for sale. I remember Les showing me one of their jumpers and it was so beautifully soft. I am now really jealous and can't wait until I can start knitting our fibre. I have already started to collect knitting patterns in preparation.


  1. At least you can knit, and knit very well. It takes me ages and the last item looked like a dish rag! I am sourcing my knitting out now until I can perfect the art. Looking forward to seeing your products!

  2. Thank you and congratulations on your new girl. Rob and Les's products and alpacas are really something for us to aspire to aren't they?