Monday, 19 October 2009

Blowing a Gale

It's been a day of only doing what's necessary outside. The wind has been howling and it's raining oak leaves; they're even getting in the house and on the carpet. Laura and I did brave it for a while to get some of the bulbs planted but that didn't last long and we came back inside to watch Loose Women. I spent the rest of the afternoon making curtains and knitting.

When Si got back from his day job (he spends three days a week in an office doing hard sums) we all got ready to go out while Ollie did the evening feeds and checks. We had a lovely evening and dinner at the White Hart in Wilmington. We've always had fantastic food and service there but they've now made life difficult. They used to have a dessert board with a small choice but now they've gone 'all posh' and put them in the main menu so it takes much longer to choose. It just means we'll have to go more often to work my way through them all.

Looking forward to tomorrow when we are going over to see our new cria for the first time, if the weather is fine we should be able to take some photos to put on here.

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