Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Stupid Girl

I have been having a really blonde day today.  I remembered the vet bill from last month hadn't been paid with all that had been happening and decided to pay over the phone as I also wanted to order some Lambivac.  Once I got through I found out that there was nothing to pay and we were also in credit; I had already paid the bill twice and was trying to pay for a third time.  I had a doctors appointment due on Thursday morning, I knew it was really early but couldn't remember the exact time so telephoned them to check and found out I should have been there this morning so had missed it.  So much for thinking I was coping ok with Dad's death, it would appear not.

All the paddocks that Si had topped have already got a good covering of bright yellow buttercups in them so he is going to have to go over them all again.  We haven't really done anything constructive today but seemed to be busy all the same.  The pigs have been given all the cut grass and they have spent most of the day sunbathing on it.  The goats have had their usual mix of takeaway from the hedge, we are clearing a lot of debris this way and also adding to the firewood pile for next winter.

We are really enjoying have early cria for the first time this year.  Heaven seems the most mischevious of them all but it is fun watching them and seeing their different personalities develop.  Piper is a lot more lively now and is often up on just his hind legs.

Eleanor seems to know that when the camera comes out she has to stand and pose, Heaven is never far away from her as it was just the two of them for a while.  Piper is behind the two girls looking at something in the distance with Condor just behind Eleanor, next to his mum.

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