Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mr Loverman

Planning a full days work didn't prompt the overdue girls to give birth.  Day 385 over and they still haven't delivered.  We are exhausted with these really early starts, we don't even have to use an alarm as our bodies seem to wake us at first light during birthing season.  Si did tell me to go back to bed when we had done the first checks but if the girls need any intervention my hands are smaller and I don't want to let them down if they need me. 

Ashdale Cooper son of  EP Cambridge Samson is looking pretty pleased with himself today.  He's been employed doing spit offs and it would appear that all the girls he mated are pregnant bar Laurel Lady's Chance so he had to spend some time entertaining her today.  Chance seemed pretty nonplussed and just carried on grazing.

While Si was trying to move Cooper from one girl to another he received a hard kick on his leg and has been in pain with it all night.  I suppose he is due a lot more sympathy than he has been getting as his back and arms were already aching from putting the top wires around the perimeter this morning.

Condor has been exploring every nook and cranny of his paddock again today when he hasn't been playing with the girls.

Last years cria have been put into a new paddock back with their mothers today. They were all delighted to see each other again and Ashdale Exhibition ran straight over to her mum Cambridge Larralluh, an Elite Australian Import, Larra soon put her in her place but she had also been the most aggressive in her spit off with Cooper.  The girls didn't know where to start grazing first and they were all jumping, running and pronking with joy.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day, so maybe 386 will be our lucky number.


  1. Looks like the girls are enjoying their new field. Funnily enough I had a bit of a move round yesterday, with the hint of the Green Stuff.....culprit Duke !!.......Jayne

  2. Good luck for today...Explorer was born at 386-days gestation!