Saturday, 28 May 2011

Picture Of You

Cherub and Sweetheart, the pygmy goats, have got into the habit of nagging for their takeaway as soon as they see one of us.  This means walking round with a small blade in the back pocket of our jeans all the time in preparation for cutting down a branch or two for them to nibble on.  It doesn't take long for them to strip it bare.  It's like having two toddlers nagging for sweets in the supermarket.

 We don't seem to have taken any photos of My Bonnie for quite a while but she hasn't been neglected.  She has been in the top paddock with the pregnant Australian girls and last years cria.  She gets some attention every day as she is so cute looking.  It is difficult to get a picture of her on her own as all of the alpacas in with her are so used to seeing the camera that they crowd around the gate as soon as they see it being raised ready to snap.

The young boys have started to follow their example and gather round for attention but it would appear that Cooper has decided to become camera shy and is hiding his head behind Junior.  Lear was a bit late in coming over so can just be seen approaching from the rear.  Timothy has decided which is his best side and is facing down towards empty paddocks.

Cricket has been sitting awkwardly today and has a due date of 2nd July but looks as though she could be early as she is so big.  She is going to be brought down to the birthing paddock tomorrow after Si has topped it again, she will be joined by another four girls who are due a month later.  This is more for our peace of mind than anything else, I like to have them right under the window so that they can be watched constantly and closer to the barn if they give birth while it is raining.

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