Monday, 16 May 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We've had a bit of a lazy day today. 

Paddocks were cleaned first thing this morning and then feeders and water holders disinfected.  We even managed to sit down for an hour with the newspapers.  The good weather held and Si tried to get the mower started, no luck, he tried jump starting it from the car but it kept cutting out.  A quick telephone call to Carl at Westhill Alpacas for advice but he was out shearing.  While Si was waiting for him to get back he decided to have another go at fixing it and it started quite easily so that was him set for the afternoon.  I-Pod on full blast he just sat singing along chopping the buttercups and docks down.  I did the takeaways for the goats and pigs; I make sure I give them a good selection of branches, Sweetheart seems to prefer Willow while Cherub tends to dive into the Hawthorne first and then work her way through the rest slowly.  Bacardi and Coke (Kune Kune pigs) jump straight into their pile of branches chomping away at anything that is nearest and then just crush the twigs down to make a mattress.

That sounds like quite a lot but as quite a bit of the time we were watching the new babies running around it felt like we were taking it easy.  I suppose that means we must enjoy what we do.


  1. We know exactly what you mean!!

  2. No such thing as a day off when you have animals, but the rewards are many, including sitting and watching the babies charging around and playing.