Friday, 20 May 2011

Day In, Day Out

Blog has been missing for a few days as I had lost a connecting flex.  House has been turned upside down in the hunt for it, even the dog's basket was searched for the elusive item but it was in my handbag.  No idea how it got there as I hardly ever use it but I may have put it in on the way for my day out. 

Si had spent the morning topping some of the paddocks and they look a lot neater now but there is still the odd buttercup that sprang back up.  I was a bit overexcited as we were off to visit Westhill Alpacas for the first time in a long time.  They had alpacas I hadn't met and their ewes had been having a busy time producing.  Si did get a bit intrigued when Sam said that he could meet Jordan but his interest waned slightly when he real realised it was a lamb.

The view from the top of Westhill Alpacas showing some of their great girls in the foreground 

Jordan, who is only a few weeks old but seems twice the size of the lambs who were born at the same time.  He is obviously used to getting a lot of cuddles as he was really well behaved while we made a fuss of him.

Lily is really grown up now and pregnant but is still as pretty as ever and we spent some time going through the fleeces.  There is some pretty impressive crimp in their herd now and a beautiful blue black potential stud with Centurian in his bloodline.  I can't wait to see what he produces when he has started to work which will hopefully be later this year.

Rosemary had two wonderful cakes which we worked our way through while we were making more plans for our knitwear and then she brought out some of the fleeces that Carl had already sheared this year.  There was a really amazing dark fawn/brown one with really tight crimp that we were all really impressed with but I can't remember which of her boys it came from.

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