Sunday, 5 June 2011

We'll Meet Again

Just when we wanted the alpacas to look their best we had rain so they looked slightly soggy this morning but luckily the weather dried up and the breeze soon fluffed them all up again. 

We were all ready for our visitors with the grass cut, alpacas on their best behaviour and the pygmy goats crying out for attention.  We were wondering if they were going to arrive and then the telephone rang.  They were lost (well, we are tucked away a bit) so Si drove down to the main road so that they could follow him back.

As they had never kept livestock before they were absolutely fascinated with our story and how our farm was just an empty field a few years ago.  They were really interested in everything alpaca so the knitwear and yarn had to come out and they loved just how soft it was.  After tea we went out to meet the animals and we demonstrated exactly what to look for in a fleece.  It was a bit nippy so it was back in for more tea and cakes while we discussed the routine medications which caused a lot of laughter as we kept mentioning drenches, and although alpaca owners know what that means, if you haven't kept livestock before it does seem perfectly logical to think that you poured medications all over each alpaca.  It did explain the funny looks we kept getting as we were talking about them.

They also fell in love with Bonnie, Ms Humphreys cria from this year, they were enamoured with how like Bambi she looks.

They did telephone tonight asking if they can return for a much longer visit next month.  It would appear that alpacas are still capturing hearts and making people want them for themselves.

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