Saturday, 4 June 2011

One Day Like This

Drinking in the morning sun
Blinking in the morning sun

It's been another scorcher here today but we have had a breeze with it to help cool us down.  We have been dashing round trying to get all the chores done as we have visitors tomorrow from over the border, not the Devon/Somerset one but the England/Scotland one.  A couple are arriving to look at our alpacas as they are thinking of starting their own breeding programme and like the look of our mix of Elite Australian Bloodlines.  We have a really good selection now so look forward to showing them off.  On top of the usual chores we have also been trying to keep the girls cool. 

Cricket, one of our Elite Australian imports, has learned that if she needs anything she only has to come to the French windows and stare in at us, this usually means she want the footbath or paddling pool refilling.  She isn't the prettiest of girls but has produced some amazing cria for us and managed to win a 1st at the only fleece show we entered her in.

For some reason they all wanted this paddling pool today and the footbaths and other pools were left with beautiful clear, clean water in.  Juno stood like this for ages and spat at any of the other girls that tried to have a turn.

In one of the other paddocks Chicago sat splashing and having a great time, the poor babies kept getting close but every time she splashed they turned and ran away.

Tilly was exhausted after all the work she has done, disinfecting the feeders and water holders, cutting grass, paddock cleaning and filling up the paddling pools.  She went in the long grass next to the barn and lay flat on her back and went to sleep leaving us to finish the work.

I also had a lovely surprise email today to prevent me suffering withdrawal symptoms as I had been missing one of my favourite males.  Thank you so much.

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