Thursday, 2 June 2011

She Needs Me

It's been a nice relaxing day today, just a bit of paddock cleaning and then gardening.  We did have a walk around to enjoy the alpacas and managed to catch Heaven with the camera stealing milk off Chicago.  Chicago hasn't produced a cria for 18 months so we have no idea how she is producing milk.

I managed to get a picture of the latest  cria without Heaven standing in front of everybody for a change, it meant waiting until she needed to go to the poo patch.

Once she realised the camera was out she pushed her way to the front again as if to say it's really me she wants.
So here is Heaven with Eleanor behind her, Piper and Condor to the side with Wilhelmina behind.

Tomorrow we have pedicures for the goats on the agenda with more grass cutting.  The pigs are enjoying having the cuttings thrown into their paddock, they are spending the days lying on a deep cushion of it sunbathing.

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