Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let Me Put You In The Picture

To try and get some shots of the other cria without Heaven is proving almost impossible.  I sneaked up while she was looking the other way to get a shot of Eleanor. 

She has seemed to sense that the camera was ready even though the other cria had come across for their evening run around.


She is now trying to push Piper out of the way to get ready for her close-up.

 Now she has got herself a better position.

I waited until Piper had gone close to his mum to have another attempt but here Heaven is again.

And here is a picture of Wilhelmina and Condor.  Who is that in the front?  I give up, here are a lot of pictures of Heaven with a few other cria in the background.


  1. She just knows how cute she is and that you'll never get anywhere in life if you stay in the shadows! Our first cria was very like little Heaven, even her colours, and became so friendly that she actually ran across when she saw we had halters!!

  2. Im just loving your babies....what a wonderful sight ........ its great to be back...!!....Jayne