Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It's Not A Bad Life

We moved some of the pregnant girls into the paddock under the window yesterday so that we can watch them closely.  Cricket is the first due to birth and even though she isn't due until 2nd July she is having difficulty kushing as she is so big, we decided best be safe than sorry so they were brought down earlier than planned.  It is fantastic having them closer again, our first cup of coffee of the day is now drunk standing next to the patio doors just enjoying watching them.

 Cricket in the foreground with Neema grazing behind her.  Neema isn't due until August.
 This is a great view to wake up to every morning.

I have to admit that we have spent the best part of the day just walking round admiring the animals, we did a few spit-offs and Aurora was mated with Lear, very noisy it was too, plenty of orgling from Lear with Aurora looking thoroughly bored with the proceedings.  We were leaning on the fence checking out last years cria when they came over looking at us accusingly, they must have thought we had forgotten the feed bucket but they had been fed earlier in the day.

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