Sunday, 16 May 2010

It's Been A Long, Long Time

 Its been a while since we last blogged but it hasn't been all quiet here.

As you can see the roof is now on the barn and it's now down to me (Si, by the way) to build the walls.

Moving some of the old fence posts upset the locals. They had to scurry off and find a new home.

I hope they can line up like this when it is shearing time.

Since the last blog the barn men have completed the work they were employed to do, when they get started they really fly through it. I just have to find the time to do the walls, the yorkshire boards, the doors and water butts. No sweat, I've got a few hours spare tomorrow that should sort it. Before I can do that though I have to carry on spraying the docks, it is a constant battle and one we seem to be losing.

The new alpaca hurdles from Mole Valley have been put to good use to do Miss Humphreys' latest spit off which she passed and also to try Cooper on Mimi again, sadly he's still not really interested. Once he is we know she definitely will be. She's that kind of girl.

The girls in the picture were watching me move the hurdles so that it was easier to corral them into a new paddock right outside the park home which will be home for most of the next few months to make cria watch easier. They were soon charging around, not at all ladylike or what you would expect when they are close to giving birth.  Cricket is due first in about six weeks and she is huge, so much so that she can't even kush; her legs just stick straight out the side when she sits down.

The new garden furniture will be going alongside the paddock too so that we have an excuse to sit around watching them.

Shearing should be starting next weekend. Our first undercover shearing, so it will be quite a luxury for them.  At least if there is rain forecast for the day before we can put them inside to keep dry.

Irene is starting to feel better and finally went and did some paddock cleaning. They say a woman's work is never done, well certainly not at this rate anyway.



  1. The new barn looks fantastic !!...all work and no play...its a must to be sitting on your new chairs watching the alpacas...make all that hard work...worth it !...Just take the time to enjoy it every now and ladies...just savour the moment...a little longer than you gents !......Jayne

  2. Hey guys, that new barn is smokin'

    Looking good


  3. I know the feeling, I'm fighting a losing battle with the docks too. I wish the grass would grow as well as they do!!