Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's a Kind of Magic

We've finally got all our forms downloaded and sent off for the brand new GWR Fleece and Fibre Show. It seems that everybody is talking about it, with the lack of safe halter shows to attend, and 'word on the street' is that 5th place is the one to aim for. We have heard that the rosette for 5th place is being very much sought after. If you haven't got your entries in you can get them here. I'm just hoping that we have got ours sent in in time.

Yesterday two men arrived and spent all day hammering and putting all the bits of wood for the barn together and left them laying on the ground.

Today we had to go out for a few hours for Ollie's interview at college and when we got back it had all changed and it actually looks as though we almost have a barn. It was pretty amazing when you think that it was just two men doing it, I think that they did it by magic. I must admit that we have been keeping our fingers crossed all week that the weather doesn't change to inclement again but we have been lucky so far.

In the foreground you can see the new drive. I love it because it changes colour according to the weather; today it has ranged from crushed strawberry through to damson. Well, that should confuse the men.

We popped into Mole Valley while we were in the area for the college interview and found out that they were delivering our alpaca hurdles and garden furniture today. They had telephoned to let me know but I had left my mobile on the breakfast bar. Si does keep explaining what mobile means but it doesn't help. We saw the lovely Dawn again and spent ages going through all the different disinfectants on her computer. She is really helpful and we finally came away with a huge container of blue stuff that should help keep us bio-secure.

I've been a bit under the weather for the past week or so and Si has been doing the paddock cleaning. He's finally got the bug for spotless paddocks. He was out there first thing this morning and when we got back this afternoon he decided that he should get out there again to do some more. This may all change if it rains.


  1. Irene, it is lovely! What colour will the carpets be? How about a nice fushia shade for the walls?

  2. Si says I can't have it all pink so I was thinking about 'angel wing' as a contrast:)

  3. Wow !! I can see things taking can never have too many sheds/buildings...its a country thing !!.....Never mind the house....just how 'bigs' the shed !!.....I used to say !!.......Jayne