Saturday, 28 August 2010

Why does it always rain on me?

Not a lot has been happening for the past couple of weeks, it's been either too misty or too wet to take any photographs but at least the grass has started to grow again, also OD and her boyfriend have been staying for the past week so we've been sitting chatting and playing computer games of an evening.  Laura can't believe how much it rains down here as everytime she comes down it pours the whole time.  She reads the blog when we're practically begging for rain and typically the weather forecast now shows that now she has gone back to Liverpool there is no rain for the next week.

 Exhibition showing her best side

Temple looking as though she has a piece of hay stuck up her nose

We've just been enjoying watching the babies when it has been clear enough and waiting for the next lot of cria due later in September.  Yesterday when I was doing the evening feeds I noticed that Cherrybomb looked slightly red in one of her eyes, she has been prone to eye infections, so bathed it with cold tea.  This morning it had clouded over so we telephoned for the vet and luckily it is only another infection, I must admit that I thought it looked like a cataract, our vet gave her an injection straight into her eyelid of antibiotic while I chickened out and looked the other way.  We now have to put in Orbenin for the next couple of days. 

We spent the afternoon disinfecting water buckets and feeders then doing some pedicures on the alpacas.  It will be the goats turn tomorrow.  It does seem that the white alpacas have faster growing nails than the darker colours.

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  1. Exhibition is looking good!
    We have also had torrential rain and now it is very windy!