Monday, 9 August 2010

Reach For The Stars

Exhibition's ears are really improving now and are straightening out without any intervention.  They still bounce a bit when she runs but most of the time they are pointing upwards.  We did want to check her teeth but we couldn't catch her as she was having so much fun with Delilah, Timothy and Carrie. 

Si did the paddock cleaning this morning while I caught up on some paperwork.  MY alpacas don't sleep at night they just stand there pooing.  We then did some spit-offs on the girls that Cooper had mated.  HIS alpaca is brilliant as they all spat off.  We then let him mate Chance, it was really a few days earlier than we would have liked but she kept kushing next to the fence nearest to him so we thought we should maybe take our lead from her.  Oh Boy, he's noisy.  It must have sounded as though we were trying to kill an alpaca. 

Neema is due to give birth later this month but I'm not so sure that she has held her pregnancy.  We tried ballottement on her and couldn't detect anything but that may be down to inexperience.  She had been scanned as pregnant earlier this year but it looks as though it could be a late absorption but we have heard of other people this year who have thought their animals weren't pregnant and then they gave birth so we are still watching her closely, just in case. 

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