Thursday, 5 August 2010

Super Furry Animals

We managed a day out today.  This meant that we had to dash around doing the morning chores first, then get changed.  I got to the car and then remembered I had left the camera on the table.  I ran back in to grab it as we were going over to Rosemary's and I wanted a few shots of her new cria.  We had to go to Sherbourne first to pick up a new floor kit for the horse box as we couldn't get one locally.  We managed to get lost on the way but this is about par for the course. 

As soon as we met up we started chatting and making plans for the future, in fact Si reckons we didn't stop all the time we were there.  He left us to it for a while and talked about computer games with Sam.  After coffee we went across the road to meet a few old friends along with the new cria.  Rosemary has the most cuddly, cutest alpacas in the whole wide world.  As soon as we went into the paddock, Rosemary armed with a bottle for Greeves, Greeves came over obviously expecting to be fed.  We took the opportunity to have a good look at him and we were impressed with the quality, it looks as though they could have a future herdsire there.  I was so happy to meet up with her girls again and a few of them came straight over for a kiss.  When we went into the next paddock Bert came over, she loves to be stroked and fussed over and once she had the three of us paying her the attention she thought she deserved she sat down so we all got on the ground to make it easier to stroke her.  The only problem was once we walked away to go and have a look at the boys she attempted to follow us for more attention.  We were so enamoured of all this alpaca attention we forgot to take the camera out of my bag but Sam was standing by with a very impressive camera round his neck which he pointed to us on occasion so I am sure they have put the photos on their blog you will have to click on the link to see them.

We went back to the house to compare knitwear and plan what we were going to make next and I stood admiring the views from Ibberton Hill while drinking another coffee.  I don't know where the time went because it was soon time for Rosemary to take another bottle to Greeves.  We had to leave to get back to our own animals as we wanted to do some more preventative treatments and the never ending paddock cleaning.  A day well spent and the best thing of all, Rosemary gave me a list.

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