Monday, 2 August 2010

Prick Up Your Ears

We've had another busy day watching the babies.  Exhibition's ears are actually starting to improve slightly although it will probably take a few weeks to correct completely. We are sure that the other two girls are fawn now because Exhibition is such a dazzling white next to them.  Poor Delilah seems to be plagued by flies around her face so I rubbed fly cream into her top knot to see if that would help.  I don't know what it is about Chance and her daughters that the flies love so much but they seem to attract a lot more than the others.

Cooper obviously enjoyed his first mating yesterday and while we were trying to get Cricket into the catch pen to try with him today he actually leapt over the 4ft fence into the next paddock in an attempt to get to the empty girls. I said to Si that although he is getting down to business we won't know if he is actually working properly until we get the first spit-off.  Si pointed out that Cooper seems perfectly willing to put in the hours though.  It is amazing the change in him the past few days, he has gone from being a little wimp wanting to play with the babies to being quite masterful.  He pushed Cricket to the ground and jumped straight on and the noise out of him was horrendous. 

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  1. I want ...sun for the hay..I'll do you a swap !!..send the sun up here..and I'll gladly send you the rain !!......Jayne