Friday, 7 January 2011

Thank You Very Much

Rosie still hasn't given birth.  BAS sent us an email last year regarding mating service certificates, I'm really hoping that they implement this idea as it would help us to keep an accurate track of due dates.  According to our records she is now on day 446 so it will be another call to the vet for a scan on Tuesday.  It looks as though she still has a really lively cria in there but it would be good to check again.  It's getting so stressful watching her constantly to make sure that she isn't uncomfortable and never leaving the premises in case she goes into labour.  These beautiful, gentle animals do have the ability to drive you to distraction sometimes.  The weather today has really matched my mood.  Misty and wet.  I have been saved by long telephone calls to Rosemary at Westhill Alpacas and Rob and Les at Head Office (Wellground Alpaca Stud).  They have listened to my ramblings for hours today and after chatting to them I felt a lot more positive so my thanks go to all of them.  It's so good to know that we have made friends down here even though they are still too far away to pop over and share a glass of wine with.  We are now making plans for future matings as Rosemary has recently acquired a beautiful black Witness boy for future sire duties and with Rob and Les I was planning repeat matings as we are so pleased with the quality of this years cria from Close Encounter, Lionheart and Samson with the added bonus they were all girls.

We have been planning which animals to put up for sale, I know we have to, so we will be putting some up for sale over the weekend.  We just have to decide who.  We bought fantastic Australian bloodlines to start with and carried on with using top quality stud males.  I will hate to let any of them go, but go they must.

We couldn't take any photos today but the alpacas certainly don't look their best, I don't know why they still feel the need to roll in the mud when they are so wet already.


  1. Just hoping ....all works out well with the pending delivery......and soon !......its a hard decision to make.....having to part with some of your wonderful alpacas.......Jayne

  2. It can't be as bad as weaning. I hate it when the babies cry for the first few days. Hope everything is ok up there with you.

  3. Hi Irene,

    We're always here to be a listening ear and to offer support when needed. Sorry we are too far away for that glass of wine (that would be nice), but we are here on the phone.

    Take care.

    Rob n Les xxx

  4. Now stop your misty wetness and get that crochet hook flying - want to see your chrysantheum and I am considering a spreadsheet of knitting targets (if I ever get my alpaca computerised records complete!).