Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stuck In The Middle

No photographs today as it has been a real struggle getting around.  It has rained so much the past few days that the ground is really sticky and I have felt as though I have been walking through jelly today.  The heavens opened this morning and didn't stop raining down all day so only the necessary chores got done, the paddock cleaning was neglected but the barn got a good cleaning and fresh straw put down. 

I am thinking that the Australian girls have taken offence at something I've said to them.  I mentioned on Sunday that when Si is here they don't seem to drink as much water but on the days he is absent they develop a terrible thirst and I have to keep topping up the drinkers.  I'm sure they must be getting enough from the grass at the moment and they have been eating slightly less hay hence there is no reason for them to be this thirsty, so it must be a conspiracy. 

Great news on Rob's blog about the yarn and products from the alpaca fibre.  News like that just encourages us to work those knitting needles faster.

Si took over the computer earlier and has put our wethers up for sale on alpaca seller.  Tomorrow we have a visit from our vet to scan what, I hope, are the pregnant females just for confirmation and then we have to choose which of the girls we can bear to part with.  The answer to that is actually none, but I know I have to be sensible. 


  1. Those wethers are very good value, hope someone snaps them up pretty smartish.


  2. It's miserable to work in so much raing. But it was -20 degrees celsius when I woke up this morning with snow on the ground and more to come - not sure which I prefer!