Monday, 3 January 2011

The Race Is On

We have been working around the rain the past few days trying to get all the jobs done that were made impossible by the snow.  We moved the females on to new pasture and they were so happy when they saw where they were going that they raced right past me.

Before they were moved we gave the cria some oral medication and they went straight to their mum's for a feed, it must have been to take the nasty taste away.

I managed to get a photograph of Ashdale Exhibition to show Rob at Wellground.  She is out of Cambridge Larralluh and her sire is Wellground Close Encounter.  We are so pleased with this cria and have raved about her on the telephone to Head Office but Rob hasn't managed to see her yet.  She seemed quite happy to pose for me, under all that dirt is an amazing white lustre.

Rosemary told me I could crochet and I really can now.  I have made a cloche hat, it's brilliant how fast crochet is and if you drop a stitch it doesn't travel down.  I just need Rosemary to tell me that I can win the lottery and I know I will.  Everybody needs a Rosemary in their lives.


  1. Exhibition is looking very nice. Looking forward to seeing her in the flesh.


  2. What a race to the new field ! Exhibition looks a real sweetie......its amazing how these babies grow up....under your nose !!......Jayne