Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Red, Red Wine

We had a heavy snow storm this morning so Si suggested that we made a mad dash into town before the road became inpassable. We set off for Axminster with a list and when we got there all they had had was some light rain, we felt so stupid as we were really wrapped up and wearing our wellies. We picked up some haylage for the alpacas and also some guttering so that we can fit it in the new paddocks and feed them off the ground. This was something I read about that they do in New Zealand and well before we had bought our first alpacas off Rob and Les. Si had fitted three gates this morning but we needed to get spring bolts from Mole Avon.

There is obviously something of a seige mentality going on here because when we went into Tesco there were no veg, no bread and hardly any milk. I asked if there was difficulty in them getting supplies but they said that people were panic buying everything. We then set off to Mole Avon and they had sold out of the bolts but were hoping to get some delivered at the end of the week. A bit of a wasted journey but at least we got some decent books out of the library.

When we got back we opened the haylage straight away and the alpacas didn't even give us a chance to get it into the hay bags. They were all eating it out of our hands, it must be the smell that attracted them. The car smells like we've spilt red wine in there now and the alpacas even started to lick at the tailgate finding any strands that we may have dropped. We're working on the theory that the more they eat the warmer they will feel, we seem to be working on the same theory for us too.

Si is most disappointed that he didn't get any sympathy for his bad back and has been moaning that nobody cares. He's right, we don't :) .


  1. We care Si!! Carl is still suffering from a bad shoulder, from his bike adventure, which means Sam and I have to cart all the bales and the water around. We have snow now!

  2. Isn't it funny how the first bale always feels a lot lighter than the the fourth? Hope Carl is feeling better soon. Heavy snow through the night here too.