Sunday, 17 January 2010

Needles and Pens

Ms Humphreys waiting patiently for her turn for a pedicure

Chance and her two daughters, Temple and Cherrybomb, in the queue

Absolutely fabulous day today. Weather glorious for the time of year, admittedly the ground was squelchy but it was lovely to be outside working again and actually enjoying it.

Si and Phil cut the toenails of 18 alpacas, injected A, D and E, and gave Vecoxan this morning and then went on to dismantle some more of the old paddocks. It is a lot easier handling the alpacas now with most of the new layout in, we have proper catch pens with waiting areas. I may have to put in a coffee machine and magazines for the girls. Phil got one almighty kick off one of the male alpacas; I heard the thud and asked who had been kicked. Si said 'Guess'. Poor Phil was cursing, hopping and trying to wipe the mud off his trousers. It was his first time of being kicked so was surprised at how much it can hurt.

I got the ever present job of paddock cleaning although even that is enjoyable on a day like today. We've also noticed that it was still light at 5 o'clock so the days are definitely getting longer. I finally got round to trying the new camera and it works. Next purchase has got to be a new pair of boots for me. My wellingtons are letting in water again, I'm emotionally attached to them though; it was so long since I had wellingtons that the last pair I had I 'grew' out of. I've jumped in piles of soggy leaves and snowdrifts in these as though I was 7 again. It was such a novelty owning them but I will have to let them go. Maybe I'll fill them with compost and plant bulbs in them.


  1. Great photos, nice to See Ms Humpy again. She is such a character. Good to speak to Si today.


  2. Carrots are good in wellies and the alpacas will like them too!!

  3. Lovely photos - good camera, I'll have to get one one day! Ms Humphreys looks good, gorgeous eyes.

  4. Lovely must be the time of year ! wellingtons are also...letting me wown !...Im toiling with having to replace them !...its a big and your wellies..I know exactly how you feel...I've looked, and looked, just haven;t commited myself to any new ones....what is it about...your wellies...there like old friends !!.........Jayne