Sunday, 10 January 2010

Club Tropicana!!!!!

Temperatures are up to -1 with the forecast later in the week of a rise to 5c. That is almost tee shirt weather after what we have been suffering. Our full time job seems to be breaking ice on top of all the water buckets. The water on the bird table has been freezing within 10 minutes so has only been getting done about 3 times a day. We've been boiling kettles constantly so that we can let the alpacas have warm water and they really seem to appreciate it. They are drinking so much at the moment but that is probably because all their feed is dry and they are getting no moisture from the grass which is still well hidden under the snow. We have had further flurries of it today but nowhere near as heavy as it has been.

I was watching the animals today and noticed a few field mice under the hedgerow, they show up more when they have a white background, they were obviously running round searching for food. I made Si put some of the meal worms meant for the birds down for them. I know they are vermin but they are so cute and don't do any harm.

Before next winter I have to find some warm boots with a good grip. Wellies keep my feet dry, with a bit of help from the puncture repair kit, but my toes still feel as if they have frozen off, even with 2 pairs of socks on.

We still have no water into the house and I am now feeling as though I am living an episode of 'Little House on the Prairie' but without the luxuries. I just need Laura to visit to complete the picture. We can sit and darn socks or something to pass the time, if we knew how to darn.

The weather put paid to all the plans we had for the week. Si had a weeks holiday to be able to dig out for the barn but with the ground being so hard, and buried, that had to go by the by. Hopefully, if the forecast is right we should be able to get the digger for next weekend and the boys will be back to help.

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  1. Glad to hear that your wellies are holding the snow. I saw a little mouse the other day in the snow it ran under the fir tree..ah bless it, nice to know that others feed the wildlife and Im not the only one !..everything needs a little help in these conditions......Jayne