Thursday, 25 August 2011

Save All Your Kisses For Me

We had an exciting day yesterday.  I was watching Neema out of the window for any change in her behaviour as she was due to birth the other day even though her stomach looked really small.  I could see her back end bulging and it looked as though she was straining, although she didn't attempt to go to the poo pile.   She had been straining for about 20 minutes and it was completely unproductive so I telephoned Head Office (Wellground Alpaca Stud) to ask Rob and Les how long I should wait before I phoned the vet.  I suddenly realised that the screeching noise I could hear was her and not the pigs as I first thought.  They advised I did it straight away and while she was still on her way a nose appeared, and then slightly more of the head.  I really wished we lived closer to a vet as the wait seemed interminable with Neema letting out more screams.  I had no choice but to delve into the birthing kit get out the lube and the long glove.  Head pushed back in and, cupping the toes, I got the feet out.  I phoned Les again while I was leaving Neema to do a bit of the work herself, even Les heard her scream as she pushed out the body.  It would probably have helped if she had been willing to stand but she just stayed on the ground pushing and screeching. 

I had just picked up the phone again to cancel the vet, after checking and drying off the cria, when she turned up and laughingly accused me of spoiling her fun.  She does love alpacas and ended up just watching him for a while.  We thought Neema might have rejected him after all the trauma but she has turned out to be an absolutely super mum.

 A couple of minutes after being born and, no, I hadn't done the paddock cleaning that morning.

Here he is a couple of hours after being born.

 While I worked up a sweat 3 generations of top Australian Genetic casually watched.  Halo had so much hay in her mouth that she looks as though she has an abscess.  Our clients baby boy sprawled next to his mum wondering what all the fuss was about.

As soon as Si gets back from the office he changes out of his suit and gets out with the animals.  He loves having females queueing up to greet him with kisses when he gets home, all he gets from me is a list of jobs that need doing.

Chance is always the first in line

Exhibition next with Bonnie waiting her turn in the background

and then Delilah

It would appear that East Devon Planning Dept. are appreciating that alpacas are proving to be a sustainable business and have granted two farms permanent planning permission to build their dream homes on their own land within the past month.  People are loving living with these gentle animals.  The top quality fleeces are still being sold in premium products despite there being a recession on.  We can hardly keep up with demand for our knitwear at the moment which is why it doesn't make it to the shop on our website.

We haven't come up with a name for the new baby yet and are really struggling to come up with something with a music connection. 

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  1. Black Sabbath/Black Velvet !!!....great to read that the boy arrived safely after such a traumatic birth ! Lovely photos...and its great to see that the knitware is in great demand....even at the height of summmer !!