Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Today all the animals and humans here at Ashdale Apacas have been making the most of the beautiful weather.  Si has been erecting more fencing, all the paddocks are clean as we got round to raking up the hay that the alpacas had scattered around.  Animals have been moved around and a lot of time has been spent watching My Bonnie playing with last years cria, whether they want to play with her or not.

 In a quiet moment of contemplation with Delilah, who is desperately in need of a topknot trim

We still think that Exhibition, Carrie, Penny Lane and Delilah are tiny until they are next to My Bonnie

We have spent tonight working on the website and are hoping to photograph some of the knitwear for the online shop along with some decent pictures of Cooper for the stud page.  The weather is looking in our favour again so fingers crossed that it isn't too windy, we did try on a few occasions to take some shots inside of the knitwear but the lighting seems to be wrong in here and the shades came out all wrong.


  1. My Bonnie is looking good - looking forward to coming to see her soon!

  2. Looks like a lovely day for the youngsters and My Bonnie. Sounds like you have been busy doing the Webpage and the knitware photography !!....Jayne

  3. Photos...of Zeto ...especially for you !!...You are his No 1 Fan !!......Jayne