Monday, 21 March 2011

Are You Dead Or Are You Sleeping?

The warmth and sunshine is all very well but it does encourage the alpacas to frighten the living daylights out of us.  Below is the sight we woke to this morning, we had seen her ear twitch before we got the camera out though.  Si jumped over the fence just to make sure that My Bonnie was ok and she jumped up and ran to her mum.  Ms Humphreys just stared back at us as though we were making a fuss over nothing.  I don't think it matters how many cria are born each one is fascinating in it's own way and it's so exciting to watch them develop, I just hate it when they lie flat out enjoying the sunshine.  I think I will have to make it clear that they are only allowed to sleep when I do.

The paddocks had been cleaned by 9am so that Si could get on with some fencing and be free my midday to take photographs of some yarn and knitwear while the sun was high in the sky.  Tilly came out to help but we ended up with wellington boots, thumbs, shadows and dogs in the pictures once we got them onto the computer so that experience will have to be repeated.

 Tilly trying to eat the props

She is obviously short-sighted if she has to get that close to read the label

The boys have had their toe nails cut today and Eleanor Rigby and My Bonnie have both had their first injections of Lambivac.  We must be going mad because it seemed like a good idea to clean all the paddocks again before it went dark, I think it was just another excuse to watch the babies play before bedtime, theirs not ours.

Once we had got dinner out of the way we entered the medications and pedicures onto herd manager, registered My Bonnie with BAS as we always like to have it done within 7 days, we then filled in all our entry forms for the GWR Fleece and Yarn Show, they will be put in the post tomorrow along with a cheque.  Another busy day but at least we feel as though we have really achieved something.

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  1. Very tasteful yarn shot there - on a strategically placed rock! Bonnie looks like she is growing fast!