Friday, 25 January 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Even though it was still really cold today the sun was shining so we let the animals out to make the most of it. The rain on Tuesday morning cleared the snow, for about an hour and then the white stuff started to fall again, absolutely huge flakes of it.

The young chickens have a small area that was sheltered from the snow so they have all been trying to find something interesting to eat.

The older bantams weren't as lucky so Si had to clear an area for them. They don't seem to appreciate this view from our door though.

 Eringa Park Lionheart looking confused at just how far away everybody is from him, he has been used to being a lot closer to the other alpacas in the barn. He has also been able to find the mud that was buried.

Ashdale Cooper hardly moved and just stood almost all day waiting to get back inside again.  It's no fun walking around if you can't get to the grass.

We can't really complain too much about the weather as the snow hasn't been too deep and it does get cleared away pretty quickly with all the rain we get.

I have been reading an interesting article today about The Control of Internal Parasites in Ruminants, very informative.  I have added a link to it here if anybody is interested.

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