Saturday, 3 March 2012

First Class Exhibition

We've been really enjoying the good weather and so have all the animals.  The grass is growing but, unfortunately, so are the weeds so we may have to start topping again soon.

Si has been carrying on with halter training last years cria and they are all coping well with their halters although Piper and Condor seem happy when it is over and they can get back to playing together.

Here they are after halter practice yesterday before the mist came down.

Exhibition just showed total disdain when I tried to get a photo of her face.  She is so pretty with a look of her Sire Wellground Close Encounter, she is out of EP Cambridge Larralluh one of our Australian Elite Imports.  She will be mated to Ashdale Cooper when the weather is a bit warmer then that will be a bundle of great genetics in one package.

No blog is complete without a snap of Heaven posing.  She never gets fed up of having her photo taken.

I had a broken chicken that is now fixed.  She had a compacted crop so she was moved into the house and fed mashed banana with yoghurt.  We kept syringing oil down her throat and then massaging her crop until the food moved.  She was quite happy here but she is like a new bird now.

Si has been busy building another chicken shed today ready for the silkies.  They are at the half way stage of shedding their baby feathers so are looking really scruffy and we have a silkie that has gone broody so I have been sneaking pekin eggs under her as the incubators are full.

We have been getting more pictures of hens that have moved on to other homes.  It's great fun seeing their new homes.

We were going to be moving the alpacas back out of a night but as the forecast had threatened more freezing weather later this week we decided they could have a reprieve.  They love coming in around 5pm to their evening meal and fresh hay laid out for them.

It's the time of year when alpaca owners have muddy knees from crawling aroung checking for udders and then wondering if the females really are pregnant after all.  Is she pregnant or just fat?  Is that a cria moving or just gas?  All good fun though and exciting.


  1. Very clean fields you have there, Irene - alpacas look pretty mud free as well!

  2. I could claim that I have them all toilet trained now but it is just that with the glorious weather I don't want to be stuck inside. Mud-free? I have to be pretty selective with which shots I include as most of them are an absolute disgrace, they all have grey/brown legs with the fibre stuck in clumps.

  3. I am always envious of all those breeders whom have pristine looking alpacas!! If you have any mud Irene, you must hide it well!

  4. I have mud....I have gas...or is it wind..and hopefully some babies on the way too !!....lovely photos....Jayne

  5. Thanks Jeff, Sheila and Jayne. You should have seen the paddocks and animals behind me. I daren't show Timothy, his fleece is just covered in mud from the top of his legs down. We also have boys here that are wearing a second coat made from hay.