Thursday, 1 December 2011

Click, Click, Click, Click, Click

We have only just sat down to relax and I have just remembered that I should do another blog because I promised somebody this morning I would put a picture of our pigs on.  We put out clean straw right across their pen in readiness for the snaps but then more important things cropped up.

We have had a visit from a photographer who wanted pictures of a selection of our chickens for a book.  When we checked out the author later on Amazon it turns out he has written quite a few books about chicken care and they look so good that we have ordered a couple ourselves.  Once the photographer had seen the alpacas he was completely enamoured with their gentle faces so his camera came out again.  I was so jealous when he showed me the pictures he had taken, they were very much superior to anything I could have taken and he seemed to have taken hundreds of shots in less than an hour.  I think we will be having another visit from him.

We then had a few people arriving to buy chickens so by the time we got back to the pigs they had buried the straw and look as though they had been having a great time.  I think there was a small patch of their clean dry straw carpet left in the far corner but they will probably deal with that tomorrow morning before we spread more out.  Don't know if these qualify for Rob's muddiest animal contest because I think that only applies to alpacas.

Talking of contests, Rosemary has set a challenge to alpaca bloggers to decorate their field shelters so that is something else to plan.

The weather doesn't seem to know what to do at the moment.  One minute the sun is shining and we are out working in tee shirts, the next minute the rain seems to be flying across the paddocks sideways. 

The postman arrived with the Vitamin A,D and E that we had ordered.  We like to give all the alpacas a dose monthly from September to March and although they are not due their next injections for another 10 days we had started to worry as we only had enough left in the medicine cupboard to do 2-3 of them.  We also had a delivery from Mole Valley with another lorry load of timber for Si to build another chicken shed.  We have some girls ready to go outside and some week olds to move into the larger brooder.

It is getting so busy around here but also getting to be a lot more fun which I have been particularly glad about today as it is my dad's birthday, 1st one since he died,  so my sister and I have been consoling each other by text, facebook and phone today. That's another 1st over and done with.

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  1. First is the worst.

    Hope you are planning that field shelter - or is it to be a festive chicken hoouse?!!