Monday, 28 June 2010

Why, Why, Why ....

We haven't blogged because it gets a bit repetitive reporting that we've been watering the animals to keep them cool and poo picking.  We have been outside until late evening and have been too tired to even speak to each other when we get in.  It has been so long since we have had any rain that all the water butts are empty and we have had to haul the water from the house.  The alpacas have been drinking it faster than we can fill their containers.

We did manage to visit Rosemary and Carl over at Westhill Alpacas a couple of weeks ago and that was fun, we compared knitting and Rosemary gave me a list (I love lists) so I have slowly been working through that when I have the time.  They came to visit yesterday so we actually had a relaxing few hours chatting and planning.

Finally, today we can announce we have a cria.  We have been getting jealous reading about everybody else's crias but finally we have had our second birth.  Cricket (one of our star girls with Ruffo and Hemingway in her background) gave birth to a female cria with the most amazing blood line.  Her sire is Samson and we don't know what Rob and Les at Wellground have been putting in the water this year but he does seem to be throwing females after a run on males last year. No name has been decided for definite yet but given her sire it may be Delilah. She may be light fawn or it could just be that she was quick to the dust bath after her first couple of feeds. She was also bang on her due date at 335 days, if only they were all that reliable.


  1. Congratulations...I know what you mean about deciding if they are light fawn or just very quick to get dirty!

  2. Congratulations on a Samson cria. She is a real "looker"!

  3. It has taken me this long to work out why, why, why that blog title - Carl has just enlightened me!!
    Lovely cria! Congratulations!