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Thursday 31 January 2013

Feed Me - Little Shop of Horrors

The title will be self-explanatory as the pics reveal the state of the alpacas and ground.  Trying to pull our feet out of the mud is so tiring and making the chores take so much longer; on top of all that it has been blowing a gale too.

 I managed to catch Biffy chewing on hay with his fleece being blown about.  I love the way his topknot looks, it's as though he had put a parting in it.  

Cooper was caught mid-stride.  Why do they always go and kush in the muddiest part of the paddock? Just look at the state of his legs.

Diamond and Desdemona came in early for their dinner and I just couldn't refuse those little faces.  It took so long to get them onto hard feed but alfalfa worked it's magic on them and they are first to the trough until Ms Humpreys sees them off.

Because the sun was shining Cherrybomb took the opportunity to roll in the mud.  Here's hoping it falls off when it's completely dry.

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about the mud here is the chase near the barn.  The paddocks may look green but we have to wade through all of this to get to them.

The chickens have hardly been outside as they hate the wind, the farthest they seem to venture is the barn and then stay in there all day.  I must admit to trying to find more chores to do in there myself.


  1. Diamond and Desdemona are so cute, no wonder you couldn't resist them! I love Cooper's legs - it is like he is wearing brown socks :) Lisa

  2. I know what you mean about the mud, ours is terrible now most of the snow is gone (yes we still have some of it left), although after the snow I said I wouldn't complain about the mud!

  3. Are you managing to keep to that? Has the duckhouse dried out? Never mind, it will soon be Spring.