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Saturday 24 September 2011

Where were you while we were getting high?

We have spent the day outside doing construction work which also meant spending hours inhaling creosote.  I have to admit to loving the smell of it.  I really think that we should have put rubber gloves on as my hands had to be scrubbed so much to get off the brown stain that the skin is now peeling off.

We had a few of the boys castrated in the past couple of weeks.  I did warn our vet that I may not be much help as I would probably get queezy if I had to watch.  By the time we had got the boys ready in the catch pen I was fine.  In fact, we laughed and joked all the way through it and she was almost cutting my hair at the same time I had my head so close to where the action was.  Just a quick couple of slices and pop.  The boys didn't seem to be bothered by it at all and as soon as they had been 'done' they went straight back to grazing.  It was fascinating.

Si stayed up at the head end handing out sympathietic whispers while Tess and I just made jokes about men we had dated and why couldn't we have done the same operation on them.  She had done the same to two ponies earlier in the day and I thought that she had drawn the short straw but apparently the female vets all volunteer to do this procedure.

Our hen enclosure is becoming heavily populated and there is a serious possibility that they may become something of an addiction.  Even Tilly will sit and watch them for hours.  Tilly and I were walking down to the barn the other day and one of the Sebrights had paid the pigs a visit and decided to cross the drive as we approached.  Tilly just sat there and watched her walk back to the paddock.  She didn't even ask her why the hen crossed the road.

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